5 Reasons You Should Try Curling:

What’s so great about curling?

Curling is an old sport. The earliest evidence of curling dates back to the 16th century, when it was first played in Scotland and the Netherlands, beginning as a winter pastime of throwing stones over frozen ponds or loches. It would take another two centuries before the rules of the game were finally established in 1838 by the Grand Caledonian Curling club in Edinburgh, Scotland. In fact, even Bayview has contributed to this rich history, with the introduction of little rocks by our very own Dave Padgett.

At Bayview, curling is an integral part of our Club, offering a fun atmosphere for all ages and abilities. For members who are unfamiliar with this sport or not yet convinced to curl, take a look at our top 5 reasons to try curling this season:

1. Ageless: 

A great feature about curling is that it’s not restricted by age. There are some sports that are high-impact and therefore can be dangerous for certain age groups, particularly seniors. However, curling is a low impact sport, where you’re not required to tackle your opponents, or even run extremely fast. Curling primarily focuses on tactics, and requires players to slide stones towards a target. That isn’t to say curling isn’t a workout, since players sweeping the ice will experience an intense cardiovascular workout, but they won’t feel the stain on their joints, which many other sports activities can cause.  

2. Sexless:

Curling is a great sport to be enjoyed by both genders. Like many other sports, there are gender-specific leagues, but mixed leagues also exist, which enable both men and women to play alongside each other.

3. Inexpensive: 

Unlike many other sports, curling is relatively inexpensive. Expenses are generally linked towards equipment and membership costs. Equipment essentials include footwear, sliders (slip cover for regular shoes), gloves, warm athletic clothing, brushes and an optional purchase of protective headgear. Usually the most expensive item in curling are the stones, however, most clubs have their own dedicated stones for players to use. At Bayview, players are provided a set of stones, so their is no need to purchase your own set, which could cost upwards of $4,000.   

4. Don’t have to be super fit to play:

Taking up the sport of curling doesn’t mean you need to hit the gym 7 days a week. In fact, curling is an excellent activity for people of all abilities, including people in wheelchairs, and even those who are deaf and blind. As a low-impact sport, there is very little strain on the joints and muscles, apart from sliding a 42 lb stone across the ice and sweeping. 

5. Health Benefits:   

Like any sport, there are numerous health benefits from being active. Some of the major health benefits from curling, include:

  • Contributes to a healthy heart 
  • Weight loss
  • Improves mobility and flexibility
  • Helps maintain memory

The significance of the last bullet is crucial for older populations, who experience a decline in cognitive health with aging. Since curling is a tactical sport, it requires a great deal of strategy, keeping the brain active and engaged.

Furthermore, curling is a great way to stay active and is easy to participate in, especially for older adults. 

Bayview’s curling season will be starting very soon, and we offer a number of programs for individuals of different ages and skill levels. To learn more about our curling program offerings, you can visit our website: https://www.bayviewclub.com/curling-rink