Medical Flags Policy


A number of questions have been received recently about the use of medical flags on the golf course.
Here is some information to help all members be informed about this practice and the rules governing
its use.

1. What is a medical flag?
A medical flag is provided to golfers with a medical exemption status. It allows them to drive their carts
closer to the green than other golfers to minimize the distance they may need to walk.

2. How is the flag displayed?
A power cart used by a golfer with medical exception status must display the red flag provided by the
Pro Shop staff on his/her cart so that is visible to other golfers.

3. What privileges are granted to those with medical flags?
Unless Cart Path Only rules are in effect, individuals with medical exception status are allowed to leave
the cart paths on holes 8, 12, and 17 by leaving the path at 90 degrees, proceeding directly to their ball
and then returning to the path at the point from which they left.

Individuals with medical exception status may proceed past the green exit posts, remaining at least ten
(10) yards away from all bunkers and greens. After holing out, the power cart must return to the green
exit post, go directly to the cart path and remain on the path until past the tee on the next hole.
Hole-by-hole graphics indicating where power carts may and may not be operated are also available in
the Golf Shop and at the end of this document in figures a & b.

4. What happens if the medical flag privileges are abused and the rules for power cart use are not
First Offence: A member in violation of power cart rules will be so advised in writing by the General
Manager and reminded about proper use directives.
Second Offence: The member will be required to meet with the Golf Director to review the rules and
will receive a one-week suspension of cart privileges.
Third Offence: At the discretion of the Golf Council, based upon the seriousness of the offence,
suspensions of cart and/or playing privileges may be imposed.
Fourth Offence: The Board will review the infractions and determine the appropriate sanctions to be

5. How do I obtain a medical flag?
To receive a medical flag, golfers must first provide the General Manager with a standard application
letter completed by his/her Physician. The required forms are available in the Pro Shop.
The application will be reviewed within two days from the date of submission and the General Manager
will contact the member applicant and will advise the Head Golf Professional as to the medical flag
status of the member applicant.
Note: medical flags will not be issued on the same day as the application is received.

6. How often does the medical exemption status have to be renewed?
Applications for medical exception must be renewed on an annual basis.

7. If I have a medical flag, but have not renewed it in the past year, what should I do?
Obtain a form from the pro shop and have your medical doctor complete it. Return the completed form
to the General Manager. You will be notified once your application has been reviewed.
Pro Shop staff are in the process of reviewing all medical flags that are currently in use to ensure that
they have been renewed within the past year.

(a)                                                                                                          (b)

Medical Flags area 1Medical Flags area


Figure A & B: Photographic and illustrated diagrams indicating where carts with medical flags are permitted.

This policy is also available on the member site under By-Laws and Policies in Club CommunicationsFor more information or clarity on this policy, please contact the Golf Shop