Staff Spotlight- Jennifer Oliver

Fitness and Wellness Manager.

Jennifer Oliver is our Fitness and Wellness Manager and recently joined Bayview last October.  She has been a key figure in developing the new fitness facility including its equipment choice, equipment layout, hiring new staff and developing the inaugural group fitness program.  

We had the great pleasure of sitting down with Jennifer, and learning more about her career:

What does a typical day look like for you?

My hours vary week to week and are dependent upon what is scheduled that day, whether it be attending meetings, covering the floor hours or training clients. Typically, the first thing I do is tackle emails after which I check in with Renee, our morning staff,  to see how the morning has gone and if there are any immediate issues needing attention.   As my office is very open to our members, you’ll often find me in conversation with our members learning how to better serve the Club.  I also organize staff schedules; deal with equipment problems, and of late, completing the equipment purchases for the group exercise program. When I am able, I fit in personal training as that is my passion and why I went into fitness.   

Projects you are currently working on?

One of my current projects is the specialty programs. This will be the first time Bayview has ever had an official program with a dedicated room and space. My next big project is getting the wellness and therapy programs up and running, which means outfitting rooms with equipment, hiring and scheduling new therapists and developing a way to schedule therapy sessions online.

Describe role in 3 words:

  • Dynamic
  • Challenging
  • Rewarding

Biggest Challenges on the job:

Since we have gone from a 1,600 sq foot space to a 4,000 sq foot space, we have had to implement a number of changes, including hiring proper staff, training staff and meeting all the members needs. Again, the group fitness classes are going to be an on-going challenge for me, especially getting it started. It will be my first time programming classes for a Club, so I still have a lot to learn.

Favorite memory at Bayview?

The Ladies Spring Evening Field Opener where I had a new staff member come and I had the pleasure of introducing her and seeing the ladies response to someone that I had hired and was new to the Club.

Biggest achievement to date? 

Definitely the new gym and having the Fitness and Wellness Committee members listen to my recommendations in regards to equipment choice and participating in designing the layout of the gym.  However, I would also add that helping to meet the needs of our members and hearing how happy they are is my biggest professional achievement to date.

What do you like most about your job?

Being out on the floor, plain and simple.  I am a people person, so I really enjoy personal training, interacting, reacting, and listening to comments and suggestions from both our members and my fitness team.   I like to think of it as putting ‘the Club into the Club’

Something interesting about you?

I have three wonderful girls that I am super proud of! They are healthy, intelligent and most importantly, happy young women.  

So happy to have Jennifer as part of the Bayview team!

To learn more about fitness at Bayview, please visit our website or contact the fitness office.