Top 3 Reasons To Stay Active

Is physical activity really that important?

We’ve all been told at some point in our lives that exercise is good for us. It seems obvious that engaging in any type of workout will help our bodies in the long run. But what are the benefits? Although we know some of the obvious advantages, like weight management or lowering of heart disease, there are a number of other benefits that might be harder to observe. Take a look at our top 3 benefits of regular exercise:

1. Better Sleep: Having trouble falling asleep at night? If you want to avoid sleeping pills, than the best non-invasive therapy is exercise! It’s pretty simple to understand the science, since working out tires the body, making it much easier for you to fall asleep. In fact, one study found that 150 minutes of exercise per week, roughly 20 minutes per day of intense or moderate exercise, improved sleep quality by 65%. That’s great news for anyone experiencing sleeplessness. 

2. Mood Simulator: As discussed in,”why older adults should play tennis,” exercise releases a number of ‘feel good hormones’ like serotonin and dopamine that elevate mood. Yet, interestingly enough, it’s not simply delivering a temporary euphoria, rather it’s combating debilitating illnesses like depression. Although there isn’t any substantial evidence suggesting that exercise eliminates depression, there are several studies that suggest depression of a mild or moderate nature can be alleviated with some activity. Alleviation occurs with the release of hormones, an increase in body temperature, which helps prompt a calming effect, and lastly, a reduction of immune chemicals, which are said to aggravate depression. If you’re currently suffering from depression or simply looking for a boost in your emotions, than consider exercise and speak with your doctor or our fitness staff about the types of exercises that might be best for you. 

3. Live Longer: Did you know that 150 minutes of brisk walking per week could add 3.5-4.5 years to your life?  A study published in 2012 examined 650,000 individuals over the age of 40, to unearth this amazing result. In fact, it didn’t matter the ethnicity, body weight or whether a person smoked or not, if physical activity was a routine aspect of a participants everyday life, than they increased their livelihood. They also found that individuals of normal weights that remained inactive, lost on average, 3.1 years of their lives. That’s very scary and hopefully will encourage you to get moving!

These were only 3 unique benefits of exercising, but remember, there are numerous advantages of working out. As we just saw, engaging in physical activity doesn’t need to be intense or lengthy for us to see results, it can be as simple as 10 minutes of brisk walking per day. However, the harder you workout, the greater the results, so always aim to challenge your body to be the best!

You can always consult Bayview’s fitness team on ways to improve your overall health. There are so many great activities at Bayview, including golf, tennis, curling and of course, our new fitness facility, which gives members a variety of great options to stay active and fit!